SITTING PRETTY                                                     Written by Marilyn Bullivant

A writer and performer, Marilyn’s satirical comedy and artistic endeavors have been

featured in San Miguel, in Canada and at various venues around the world.

Director:  Henry Vermillion

Performed by:  Marilyn Bullivant, Rick Davey, Geoff Hargreaves

Setting:  A beautiful house in the country


DOUBLE BOOKED                                                     Written by Marthe Fraser

Marthe, a longtime San Miguel resident, has long been involved with San Miguel theater as an actress, producer, director and playwright.  She’s now having lots of fun with every aspect of the popular ten minute play.

Directed by:  Marthe Fraser

Performed by:  Catherine Bryne, Marc Taylor

Setting:  An upscale hotel room         


WHAT WOULD HENRY DO                                   Written by Chris Kapilla

Since his retirement, Chris has discovered that computers could be used for something other than writing programs -- for example writing plays! He has also enjoyed being a member of The Improv People and dipping his toe into acting. In addition, he still does some software development, as a volunteer for Jovenes Adelante.

Director:  Lauren Osornio

Performed by:  Richard Fink, Lee Harris

Setting:  A psychiatrist’s office in a private hospital



INTENSIVE CARE                                                       Written by Dennis Lanson

Dennis’s  working life was spent combining personal documentary filmmaking and teaching film at the college level. Directed and produced one very indie feature, “Pitstop,” Recently published book about "Pitstop" titled "How Not to Make an Indie Feature." Also worked as documentary editor for PBS, Discovery, History, etc. Director of”Gringolandia”

Director:  Lauren Osornio

Performed by:  Anne Campbell, Mick Diener, Lee Harris

Setting:  The intensive care ward and waiting room of a hospital 


THE QUEEN OF THE RADIO AIRWAVES              Written by Lee Daneker

Lee divides his time between Seattle, WA and San Miguel. Prior to retirement he worked for the US EPA in Washington DC and Seattle and as a business manager in the commercial fishing industry in Seattle and Alaska.

Director:  Benton Crowell

Performed by:  Esteban Betancourt, Crystal Calderoni, Azzah Manukova

Setting: A broadcast studio in a Querétaro radio station and various other locations in Querétaro including an apartment building, hospital, and police station


LOS PERROS CALLEJEROS                                     Written by Anne CampbellAnne Campbell has performed professionally in many productions in New York City and now in San Miguel for the SMA Playhouse, Diez Minutos, Playeaders,and Bajio Rep, She is a proud member of the TIPSTERS Improv Troupe!Director:  Kate RowlandPerformed by:  Gerri Baruch, Maggie Bunce
Setting:      The office of the President of the Society for the Protection of Animals  (SPA) one dog day afternoon 

THE HEIST                                                                     Written by Phoebe Greyson

Phoebe, one of the founding directors and the current Executive Director & Producer of the San Miguel Playhouse, has acted, directed and produced theatrical productions in San Miguel since 2008.  Three of her ten minute plays were chosen & produced for San Miguel's Diez Minutos Festival & the Playwrights Showcase.  

Director:  Lee Duberman

Performed by:  Phoebe Greyson, Richard Fink

Setting:  A bookstore in Vancouver, B.C. Canada in 1975